About Jus

Karuna Jus has been born over a period of some years, wanting to give the cuisine savvy and those who enjoy a nice cut of prime meat the opportunity to enhance their dining experience by presenting them with a speciality sauce that you would only find within a restaurant environment.

Nothing finishes off your meal better than a sauce that compliments the true flavour of your choice of meat. This product suits several meat types, such as Beef, Lamb & Venison and with the Horopito (nz pepper tree) flavour adds a unique kiwi flare. This is a full reduction based sauce, which means it has no thickening agents or preservatives, we simmer the stock for many hours then clean and reduce it, to give us our base foundation. We then add our ingredients and flavourings, in this case our main flavouring is organic Horopito. We have taken the many hours of work that goes into the production of Jus and made it available now straight from the restaurant to your table. To serve this product couldn’t be easier. Simply heat & pour by placing a serve or several portions depending how many you are cooking for into a pot and heat till hot, this is a finished sauce so you don’t need to add anything, or reduce as this will affect the quality and flavour. Once you have prepared seasoned and cooked your choice of meat, remove it from the oven and allow your meat to rest , this allows the fibres to relax and become tender, then pour the heated sauce around or over your meal. I am certain this will impress your friends and give your meals the lift that it deserves.

We will create different flavours of Jus for you as we expand to offer a range of quality stock based products, from a basic red wine to lamb, duck & a chicken based sauce. I am a perfectionist and stand by the products that I have created and will create in the future, I believe in the attention to detail and consistency of product, so I will strive to achieve my very high standards.

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