Dave Miller : Director (my background)

I have been in the hospitality industry since 1989, whilst I was working in a kitchen in Victoria London my chef said to me he thought that I should apply to Westminster College, the first catering college in Europe that had a very strong reputation. I was accepted and began my qualifications. During my course I was released for work experience at The Square, which at the time was renowned as one of London’s top ten restaurants & at the time had been awarded one Michelin Star and to this day retains two. Phil Howard my head chef was trained by Marco Pierre White who has achieved three Michelin stars.

During my time at "The Square" I was the first student to be given the responsibility of working my own section which in itself was a great accomplishment as I was the only student at the college to achieve this, it was a huge honour & challenge which I accepted with much enthusiasm. This lead to a part time position whilst finishing school & became full time once my studies were completed, this proved to be a defining moment in my career as it gave me the skills and palate retention that has helped to set me apart from many peers in the industry.

Upon leaving "The Square" after 16 months I proceded to take on a position at "Beach Blanket Babylon" with Blaise Vassuer who trained with The Roux brothers. London proved to be the grounding for my career, I am very grateful to have had these opportunities and thankful to have seized the opportunity to learn from the best.

I have spent several years travelling around the world and eventually found myself in Australia where the multicultural society allowed me to adapt and play with many different cultural products to create formal modern Australian Cuisine. The restaurant in the snowfields I ran for 3 years was voted in the top three of Australian ski fields restaurants.


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