Dave Miller : Director (my background)

Finally after 12 years of travelling the globe I decided it was time to head home where I found myself accepting the position as Head chef at The Bunker in Queenstown. This now iconic little restaurant was the jewel in my Head Chef career. I put my heart and soul into this fantastic little place and along with quality front of house staff we earned accolades in many articles including such publications as The New York Times, Hotel & Caterer London, Conte Nast Traveller.

Which brings me to the present day! Recently alongside with starting my business I assisted The Hills Private golf course in Arrowtown by being heavily involved with the early stages of menu & cuisine development, thus helping set the standards in the kitchen for their first 10 months of their opening.

One of the unique events & definite highlights of my time at The Hils was a 3 day childrens cooking class, this proved to be a huge success with over flowing classes which ended up numbering 65 kids in total, and as young as four years of age, the energy & willingness to learn from these children has made me very keen to be involved with more classes like this & I will most definitely continue to do events & functions here in the future.

In summary it is not difficult to explain where I stand today with my business, I have made good decisions along my career path, and my life today reflects these choices. I love what I do and enjoy meeting people and giving them a true kiwi dining experience, I am constantly looking to move forward in the future and to service a growing industry to the highest standard, & representing the Wakatipu area & New Zealand with pride and professionalism.



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