Recipe : Dessert

Coverture chilled chocolate soup
with hazelnut & coffee scented liqueur
& a cinnamon/star anise/blackberry float & berry compôte

500gms 70% coverture chocolate buttons or shredded chocolate
400mls cream
50ml coffee liqueur
50ml hazelnut liqueur
150gm/200gms caster sugar
(start with 150gms then add more depending on how sweet or intense you like your chocolate.)
2 eggs whisked

Directions :

Place all ingredients in a pot on top of the stove with 6 x 150 ml ramekins ready for pour into. Place on top of a gentle med to low heat & whisk constantly. Important note! You must not allow this to heat without whisking as the egg could scramble and ruin the dessert. Heat but do not boil. The ideal temp would be around 70 deg C or until you can coat the back of a spoon without running off. Allow to cool whisking for five mins approx. Pour into ramekins, when cooler place in fridge. It is best to make this the day before needed to allow it time to set properly. Then make float and compôte

Cinnamon & Star Anise Blackberry float & Compote : with frozen berries

500gms Blackberries
400gms sugar
250mls water
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
½ a lime

Make a stock Syrup with sugar water & spices, boil for a few mins, add berries bring back to boil then separate liquid from berries. Now place berry liquid back on top of stove add lime and reduce to a golden syrup or runny honey consistency, then pour this back on top of the berries whilst hot. Allow to cool for service.

Serving: remove from fridge and pour the syrup from the compote on top of the chocolate. This should be 1 to 2mls thick, add the compote on the side with fresh mint for garnish, I serve with a teaspoon as this allows you to savour all the flavours and coat the chocolate with the syrup.

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