Recipe : Entrée

Sweet corn infused Soft Polenta

1 litre full cream Milk
90/100 gms Vac Pac fine polenta
1 x large corn on cob
2 cloves garlic
Thyme to taste

Directions :

On a low heat place corncob in pot, cover with milk add garlic and simmer on a very low heat till the corn is cooked and soft. Then separate the liquid from cob and remove corn kernels whilst hot. Place in a food processor and blitz to a paste, add the milk slowly to make a sweet corn milk stock. Place the stock onto the stove on a medium heat & whisk in polenta. Turn down to a low heat add baking paper to cover as it will bubble and splash hot polenta . Cook out for approx 5 to 8 mins & season with salt and pepper.

I serve this with oven baked Scampi tails drizzled in Saffron honey (see below). I would brush the scampi tail halves with avocado oil infused with wild lime, however a good lemon infused olive oil would be suffice. Also works well with tiger prawns

Saffron Honey : Take a good pasture flower runny honey and several strands of saffron and add to a food processor, you need a teaspoon or two of warm water to allow it to fully incorporate. Then cool and drizzle over Scampi or Prawns once baked and placed on plate ready to be served.

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