Karuna Jus : Red Wine

The classic Jus that all chefs are taught first, is that of the Red Wine Jus. It is a true labour of love to create a good stock that in my kitchen will simmer for more than 20 hours with all the required ingredients, you then strain, proceed to add more fine ingredients & finally you reduce.

Once the process is finished you can say it is highly likely that 27 hours have passed , but it is most definitely worth the wait as the end result is a full flavoured full reduction Beef sauce,( I call it "black gold"). Only then it is ready to enhance a range of meats such as Venison, Lamb & of course Beef.

As with the Horopito Jus this is a simple heat & pour product that takes little time to prepare and is a luxury normally reserved for dinner at your favourite or high end restaurant. I have been making jus since 1994 in kitchens around the world and one thing that is undeniable is that people of all origins enjoy a sauce that compliments their meal. With all the processors going on in our food today ,I wanted to bring a pure product to the retail market, that does not contain preservatives & that is free of any thickening agents which unfortunately cannot be said about many of the products that appear on our shelves these days.

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